6 Questions you should ask your potential Builder

Choosing a builder can get overwhelming, there are multiple builders out there who all say that they’ll do a good job, and you should take the time to interview different builders to see if the partnership you will have will be a good fit. Here are some helpful questions to get you started.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes it’s a fairly obvious question, but you don’t want a cowboy building your dream home, do you?  What kind of warranty do they offer and what does and doesn’t it cover? Big Wave Builders are Licensed Building Professionals, Certified Builders and offer The Halo Guarantee
  2. What type of homes do you typically build?
    It makes sense to find a builder who specialises in what type of building you are after. For example, you may need a builder experienced in renovating old style Villas, which is totally different to commercial buildings. Big Wave builders are specialists in renovations and new home builds….very versatile!
  3. My budget is this amount…….can you build it for that much?
    Once your plans are through, you’ll want a couple of bids, you’ll be looking for the most reasonable bid, not the lowest, not the highest, somewhere in the middle.
  4. Who Is In Charge?
    What are the correct lines of authority? Who do you contact if you want an update or there’s a problem? Knowing the answer to 
    these problems will ensure things run smoothly, and the lines of communication are clear.
  5. Do you mind if I help out on the construction site?
    Plan on giving your builder a hand? Do they mind if you are on the construction site? What are the health and safety rules? Are you prepared to follow them? What is the procedure should you want a tour of the progress of the project? Do you just turn up, or ring to book an appointment?
  6. What if variations to the plan need to happen during the build?
    Most builds include changes or variations of some sort, how does your builder tackle these?

    Building a new home is an exciting experience, asking these questions will help keep you and your builder accountable. You definitely want a great partnership with your builder, so that the whole experience is rewarding and runs as smoothly as possible. Good luck, and give us a call if you are searching for a great builder!


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