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4 Tips for enjoying the building process

Carrying out renovations and extensions on your existing home, or building a new home is a big deal. It’s usually a challenging time for my clients, as not only are they managing work and family, they are focused on the biggest investment of their life. They want the best result possible. Can you really enjoy the process during such a stressful time?

YES you can, and here are some handy tips to help you along.

Communication Clear communication is essential. Ask questions. If you have concerns, doubts or ideas, express them. Establish clear expectations, what would you like updates about? How often would you like to visit the site? As your builder, I am very approachable and am happy to talk you to you about anything you need.

Research Do your research beforehand, eg, have an idea about what kind of bathroom ware, colours, kitchen design you want. This will help keep unnecessary stress at bay.

Remain Flexible Plan ahead, have a schedule but be prepared for the fact that you may make changes, everybody makes changes, it’s not a big deal. Keeping a flexible attitude from the outset will help you cope with these upsets to ‘the plan’. Small hold ups and delays will happen from time to time.

Trust the process and your builder’s knowledge Smile and enjoy the process, yes there will be times when the going gets tough, just remember that you are creating something awesome, that will make you proud for years to come!

My wife will probably kill me for this, we’ve had 5 kids, and in a way building and pregnancy/childbirth have a few similarities. Granted you can’t choose the colour of your child’s eyes. However, you can choose your builder, like you would choose a midwife. You may have a plan for the birth, but you may have to change that plan. Either way, you trust the medical team to bring your beautiful child into the world, like you trust your builder to create your dream space. If you want to chat about your project, give me a call, I’m happy to talk.

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